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FBA Prep Service

Products Prepped and Shipped to FBA Fulfillment Centers

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Storage and Warehousing


Store Products for Amazon Drip Feed or Disbursement to Other Platforms

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Prep and Fulfillment


Your team for Prep and Fulfillment services for Amazon...

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We make order fulfillment easy for you by making this process as hands off as possible.


Bundling is a great way to showcase complementary items and to easily increase order value.


Warehousing fully air conditioned for individual units to full container shipments in our fully insured and secure facility means peace-of-mind for you.


We are close to the Houston Port and provide freight forwarding services to move your goods to their final destination.

What sets us apart?

Kinetic Prep is a full service ecommerce fulfillment and prep company.

Our Philosophy

Win-Win Partnership

Your success is our success! We are here to provide quality service at an affordable price that will allow you to grow and focus on your business.

Our Team

Understanding our Customers

With over a dozen years in the ecommerce space, we understand all our customers needs and potential issues.

Our Commitment

We are here to help

We are customer focused. We are committed to your success. If you are new or a veteran to the ecommerce business, we will work with you and help you achieve your dreams.

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Items are counted and reconciled against shipping BOL/Invoice for accuracy.


Damaged goods isolated and images sent to you for review.


FNSKU' s added per Amazon's standard while ensuring all other barcodes are covered too.

Poly Bags

Items requiring poly bags are placed into premium bags with suffocation waring labels.

Sticker Removal

Stickers are carefully removed from packages as needed along with the residue.


Shipping Cartons are stuffed with fill material to protect products during shipment.

Shipping Cartons

Appropriate cartons selected and space maximized to keep shipping costs to a minimum.

Expiration Labels

Products are marked with the appropriate expiration date per Amazon's guidelines.


Our Basic Services include all of the following if/when necessary: Receiving of Merchandise, Inspection (for quality control and accuracy), Polybagging, FNSKU labels, "Do Not Separate" labels, Suffocation Warning labels, Shipping Labels, Expiration Date labels, Bubblewrapping, Repackaging, Sticker Removal, Dunnage, and a Picture Diary of the whole process.

$1.00 / unit

Single Unit per Order

Items that are 20 lbs. or less and 18" or less on its longest side. Our simple pricing includes all the Basic Services mentioned above.

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$2.25 / bundle

2-5 Units per Order

2 to 5 items as one unit (multi-pack) or 2 to 5 different items as one unit (bundle). Our simple pricing includes all the Basic Services mentioned above.

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$3.25 / bundles

6 or more units per Order

6 or more items as one unit (multi-pack) or 6 or more different items as one unit (bundle). Our simple pricing includes all the Basic Services mentioned above.

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FBA Prep

““ Kinetic Prep is essential to our business and growth. We have been able to expand our ASINs by adding new bundles, which we couldn't have done without Kinetic Prep. ””

Pham Enterprises
Founder ceo

““ With the quantity changes at Amazon, we needed a place to store our inventory. Kinetic Prep made it easy. They store and replenish our inventory, which gives us peace of mind. ””

Tactical Ecom
3PL Services

““ Kinetic Prep provides easy 3PL services at prices that allow me to grow my business. ””

Founder ceo
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